Interact with Exile like never before

Developed exclusively for Arma 3 Exile, ESM is the bridge between Discord and your Exile server(s)

39 Powerful Commands

Do you need to compensate a player but don't feel like starting Arma? Adjust a player's poptabs and respect with !player
Want to give new players a welcome gift? Maybe as a weekly reward? !reward has your back.
Big clan dispute? Do you need to remove someone from your territory that second? Look no further than !remove
From territory management, gambling, and doggos; to compensation, logs, and executing SQF. ESM has commands for players and server admins alike.
All accessible from any device that runs Discord.
Neat, huh?
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Offline XM8 Notifications

By taking control of the XM8 notification system, ESM adds 6 new notification types and notifies players using Discord.
Each XM8 notification is completely customizable. The title, the content, and even color can be changed.
Can't settle on one message? ESM allows you to create as many as you want; randomly picking one before sending.
This way you can provide the recipient motivation, feedback, or perhaps even remind them to hydrate...
All while their base is being raided.
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Fully customizable

ESM is shipped ready to go and requires only a basic setup process; allowing you to add ESM to your server(s) within minutes.
Each server linked to ESM can be fully customized from its rewards, to logging and payments.
Want to increase the stakes for gambling? You can tweak every part of the equation to make it just right.
Don't want command to be used? Maybe you want to limit it to a Discord role? With a few exceptions, you can fully customize each command to your liking.