Notification Configuration for server admins

Important This feature is only available for communities that host servers (Player mode disabled).

Notification Configuration allows Servers to create/edit XM8 and Gambling Notifications for their Community.


Exile Server Manager supports custom notifications for the following types:

For XM8 Notifications:

  1. XM8 (Base Raid)
  2. XM8 (Flag Stolen)
  3. XM8 (Flag Restored)
  4. XM8 (Protection Money Due)
  5. XM8 (Protection Money Paid)
  6. XM8 (Charge Plant Started)
  7. XM8 (Grind Started)
  8. XM8 (Hack Started)
  9. XM8 (Flag Steal Started)
  10. XM8 (MarXet Item Sold)

For !gamble

  1. Gambling (Win)
  2. Gambling (Loss)

For !player

  1. Player (Money)
  2. Player (Locker)
  3. Player (Respect)
  4. Player (Heal)
  5. Player (Kill)


The notification's title and message both support "Mustache" syntax (double curly braces) and Discord's Markdown.
For example, if you wanted to include the Server's name, use {{ serverName }} in your message.
Tip: You can view the available variables for the message type by clicking "Supported Variables"

Note: Variable formatting is case insensitive and ignores whitespace. So long as you have the correct variable name surrounded by curly braces, it will accept it.


You may choose which color to have on the side of the notification. Along with the default colors used in ESM, you can choose "Custom" to pick a custom color, or "Random" to randomly choose one of the following colors each time the notification is sent.

Below are the available colors and their HEX value:

  1. Red: #C62551
  2. Blue: #3ED3FB
  3. Green: #9FDE3A
  4. Yellow: #DECA39
  5. Purple: #793ADE
  6. Pink: #DE3A9F
  7. Orange: #DE7839
  8. White: #FFFFFF


When creating/editing a notification, you will be given a (close) preview of the message as it were to appear to the Player. Variable values are, for the most part, randomly generated to give "realistic" looking previews. When you finish typing, ESM will automatically preview the message and replace any variables as needed.


ESM does not limit to how many notifications a server creates. When a notification is being built, ESM will randomly pick from the available notification templates.

Discord, however, does impose a hard limit on how many characters the title/message has. These limits are displayed while editing, however, due to variable replacement, they may not be completely accurate. With that being said, if the title/message is over the limit, ESM will automatically truncate so the message will send.