Input: <ARRAY>

_this select 0: _type <STRING>
What type of message is being sent. This will change the color of the bar on the side of the message
Available options: "info"(blue), "success"(green), "warn"(yellow), "error"(red)
_this select 1: _template <STRING>
Which message template to use. Available options: "message", "embed"
_this select 2: _parameters <ARRAY>
If _template is "message":
    - The message to be sent <STRING>
If _template is "embed":
    - Parameters for the embed <ARRAY>
         _parameters select 0: _title <STRING>
         _parameters select 1: _description <STRING>
         _parameters select 2: _fields <ARRAY>
        Fields formatted as follows: [field_name <STRING>, field_value <ANY>, inline <BOOL>]


["info", "message", ["Hi! This is just a message to log to discord. :)"]] call ESM_fnc_logToDiscord;
        "This is a title",
        "This is a description",
            ["Field_1_Name", "Field_1_Value"],
            ["Field_2_Name", "Field_2_Value", true]
call ESM_fnc_logToDiscord;