Changelog for 2021-01-17

Greetings! This release includes fixes I've made since launch, plus a couple changes to the core systems.

esm_bot changelog

Core System

  • Squished a bug where a cooldown would cause a crash when attempting to compensate for that community's configurations
  • Squished a bug that caused some users with Administrator privileges to not have access to Admin commands
  • Servers will now notify and accept commands only after ESM has finished starting on the Arma 3 server
  • Added a notice to the server disconnect message stating if the disconnect is due ESM rebooting


  • !accept
    • Squished a bug where accepting a request would cause a crash due to the user being loaded twice
  • !broadcast
    • Reconfigured permissions to block usage in Direct Messages
  • !logs
    • Added month conversions for German, Italian, Spanish, and French to fix a crash where the date could not be parsed
  • !reward
    • Squished a bug that caused a crash due to a misconfigured server reward
  • !reset
    • Squished a bug where a non-registered Steam UID could not be used as a target
  • !server_territories
    • Refactored how the table is built to keep Discord from failing to send the response message due to field length restrictions
  • !whois
    • Added checks to block querying for users who are not currently a member of that Discord

esm_website changelog

Core System

  • Squished a bug where !whois was not available in Command Configuration
  • Squished a bug with accepting/declining requests would render a server error page

esm_arma changelog

No changes this update