XM8 Notification Routing for players

You can configure ESM to forward a copy of your XM8 notifications to a channel on a Player Mode enabled Discord server, in which you are a member of. To get started, navigate to the XM8 Notification Routes section of the player dashboard.

Creating a new route

In order for ESM to be able to route notifications to a server, a request must be made. This gives both you, and the admins of the Discord server receiving the notification, the power to control which notifications are forwarded. Once you create a request, an admin from that Discord must accept the request from their server dashboard before the notifications will be forwarded.

Time save Are you an admin on that Discord server? ESM will automatically accept your request after you create it so you don't have to accept it manually!

  1. To create a new route, click the "CREATE NEW ROUTE" button on the right hand side of the page. This will open a dialog on screen.
  2. From here, you can configure the various options for the request.
    For example, you can configure ESM to only route base raid notifications from a particular server or two. Or you can forward every notification from any server you've ever joined. The choice is yours.
  3. Once you have created the request, let the admins of that Discord server know that you've sent them a request so they can go in and accept it.
    Remember, if you are an admin for that server, ESM has already accepted your request and you can skip this step.

Managing your routes

Once you have created a request, or have existing routes, you can manage them from this page. To view your routes, select a Discord server from the drop down under the "Manage routes" section. From here, you will see your routes organized by channel and server. You may enable or disable notifications via the toggles in case you want to temporarily stop receiving them. Looking for something more permanent? Clicking "DELETE" on a notification or clicking "DELETE ALL" will permanently stop forwarding those notifications. You will have to create a new request for those notifications if you want them back.

Managing pending requests

Just like you can create requests for a server, admins on a Discord server can create a request for you and those requests will show up here. You have full control over which notifications you want to have forwarded. If you want to accept them all, click the checkbox under the types section and click "ACCEPT". Have a few different requests that you just want to flat out accept? Click the "ACCEPT ALL" button.