Changelog for 2023-06-03

This is a minor update mainly to port over !me, !add, and !server_territories to @esm V2. The first commands are always the fun ones.
I did make some changes that are available now:

  • !me and !info now display "You are dead" when the player is dead
  • Updated the look of !server_territories tables

esm_bot changelog

  • Added @esm V2 support to !add, !me, and !server_territories
  • Added ESM::Bot::DeliveryOverseer to become a buffer for sending messages to Discord
  • Added ESM::Time::Timer and ESM::Command::Base::Timers to help out with automated tests and performance tracking
  • Added Hash#to_struct
  • Added initialized metadata attribute to ESM::Server
  • Added String#quoted that returns the string surrounded by double quotes
  • Added String#to_struct and String#to_istruct
  • Added user, target, prefix, and data_territory_id locale attribute shortcuts
  • Added support in automated tests to access the MySQL database for creating Account, Player, and Territory entries for localized testing
  • Added support to ESM::Callbacks for executing the callback on a specific instance
  • Fixed and improved automated tests
  • Flattened ESM::Message::Error data and metadata locale attribute names from data_content_thing to data_thing
  • Improved !me data handling
  • Improved ESM::Message::Data validation of its internal data
  • Made ESM::Connection::MessageOverseer thread-safe
  • Moved test code out of production code
  • Renamed ESM::Arma::Player and ESM::Arma::Territory to ESM::Exile::Player and ESM::Exile::Territory
  • Deprecated ESM::Connection, moving functionality to ESM::Connection::Server and ESM::Server
Complete changelogs: